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Rockcliffe Salt Marsh Lamb

We are delighted to have our wonderful Salt Marsh Lamb. The lamb is brought to you by a dedicated team who are passionate about the values of farming and knowing that we are providing a better and healthier world for future generations. 

All Rockcliffe Salt Marsh Lamb is fully traceable. The Lambs are born in March or April and stay with their mothers on the Salt Marsh until they are weaned. The unique environment where the lambs graze gives the meat its distinctive and very special flavour. The lambs produce a quality of meat that has a flavour, colour and texture like no other. These uniques characteristics are created by the multitude of wild grasses and herbs that are only found on a Marsh. The marsh contains a natural abundance of Sea Aster, Sorrel, Sea lavender, Milkwort andThrift,a tremendous source of nourishment for all grazing stock.

a white sheep and a cute lamb in the gre
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