Castletown Estate Farm is a 4000 acre farm between the Esk and the Eden in the heart of the Solway Estuary, selling 1200 finished beef cattle a year and growing dairy forages. The challenge of economically grazing 2500 acres of salt marsh, covered by the sea at high spring tides, to provide habitat for nesting waders and tens of thousands of wintering wildfowl, is a monumental undertaking. Well supported by Natural England, this internationally important wildlife jewel has been transformed from a debt laden, loss making, liability to a diverse and profitable business by Giles Mounsey-Heysham during his high-energy 50 years in charge. While the marsh is the drama, imaginative conservation also provides wildlife rich woodlands and meadows through the productive remainder of the farmland, with exciting potential to push conservation even further in the future.

These are some of the cows and calves that we rotate around the fields on the estate
Harvesting the wholecrop barley that was undersown with grass which has helped to fill up our silage pits. These fields will then provide us with a further cut of grass silage

As part of our environmental agreement each spring we sow 4 acres of a 'wild bird mix' which consists of a mix of small and large seed producing plants such as barley, betch, phacelia and sunflowers. Many of the plants have also been a source of nectar during the growing season for insects

After January 2018's tidal overflow into The Boathouse we repaired the Marsh bank to try and prevent it occurring again.
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